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Jaydee Corporation is totally independent and separate from The Medical Manager Corporation and Greenway. 

Your Medical Manager billing system can continue to work for your office.



WORK FROM HOME.  Employees can do your medical billing from home with The Medical Manager software. Jaydee can setup secure remote access to your Medical Manager system through the Internet.  Doctors can now have access to patient info and schedule from home or any remote location with an Internet connection at any time. Yes, you can even access Medical Manager from your phone.



ICD-10 will work with of The Medical Manager!

The deadline for ICD-10 compliance has passed. Jaydee has created special paper claim formats for printing ICD10 claims on the updated CMS 1500 (02-12) forms.  These paper claim formats will also work if you are sending print image claims to an EMC clearinghouse like Office Ally. If you have to edit claims after uploading to your clearinghouse, we can probably fix the problem on the Madical Manager side.


We also now have an EMC claim format with custom ICD-10 segments for sending the new required data.  This ICD-10 EMC format will only work with the Practice Insight clearinghouse.  Some clearinghouses and vendors are still having trouble with the new codes.  We are able to convert and process the NSF claims with additional ICD-10 data that all versions of Medical Manager can easily produce.


Practice Insight is a full featured clearinghouse that can accept claims in many formats from several different practice management systems.  They have an incredible web interface that allows you to fix and resubmit claims online.  You can easily track claims, run reports, transfer to second payer, send electronic patient statements, print timely filing letters and more.  Call Jaydee for more info or to switch over to Practice Insight.


The time is now

You should already be able to print new Encounter Forms or Superbills with the proper current ICD-10 codes. If your forms are not up to date, let us know. We can help you fix them.



See our Medical Manager Support Site for more details.


Jaydee Corporation supports medical practices across the country.



YES - We still support Version 8.12, 9, 10, 11 and 12.  We will not "force" you to upgrade.

See our Medical Manager Support Site for more details.


We can help,  we know Medical Manager.


If your practice is in need of our services, contact us today.

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